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Amethyst: Well-being and Exercise Programmes

Dance Gems offers a range of exercise programmes to enable people of all ages and degrees of fitness to breathe well, keep active, gain strength and increase and preserve flexibility and mobility.
• Seated dance exercise courses followed by tea and chat for those who have restricted movement/balance issues through age or disability.
• Floor barres and gentle exercises for more active students/adults including able-bodied seniors or those recovering from injury to help gain strength and stretch and stay well.
• Pilates classes.
• Personal trainer is available for those who wish to undertake outdoor or more intensive physical activity regimes.
• Home visits are available after an initial assessment and discussion about a suitable working area and discussion on car parking/transport needs.


CodeCourseCost per session
SPSeated Exercise Programme£8/class
SECSenior Exercise Class£10
PVPPrivate ClassesBy Arrangement
Approx £35/half hour
HVHome visitBy Arrangement
POIPointe class£8
CJContemporary Junior£13
CSContemporary Senior (Intermediate Foundation +)£16
ADUAdult classes£13

Please refer to Financial Details and Payment Information

Note that if lessons have to go on Zoom due to lockdown, fees will remain at the same rate.

Bookings are taken for a term. Half a term's notice period is required in writing or full fees must be paid for the following term.


• Nursery
• Early Years
• Dance & Movement
• Activity Days


• Graded Dance
• Pre-vocational Exams
• Vocational Exams
• Festival Classes


• Gifted & Talented
• Bespoke classes
• Pointe and Repertoire
• Competitions


• Well-being
• Exercise
• Personal Training
• Adult Ballet


• Academic Educational
• Teacher Training
• Nutritional Information
• Trinity Arts Awards


• Holiday & Short courses
• Master-classes
• Assessment classes
• Audition preparation

TERM DATES 2020-2021
Subject to COVID-19 & Lockdowns

Autumn Term 2020
Mon 14 September - Sat 17 October
Half Term Mon 19 - Sat 24 October
Mon 26 September - Sat 5 December

Spring Term 2021
Mon 11 January - Sat 13 February
Half Term Mon 15 - Sat 20 February
Mon 22 February - Sat 27 March

Summer Term 2021
Mon 19 April - Sat 29 May
(Please note: including Mon 3 May)
Half Term Mon 31 May - Sat 5 June
Mon 7 June - Sat 3 July