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Aquamarine: Nursery, Early Years, Dance & Movement

The class lasts 30 minutes. Suitable for approx. 2 and quarter year olds and above

This is the youngest group, suitable for toddlers who are just out of nappies or need the reassurance of a family carer.
Nursery Music and Movement classes, where the mum, dad or a carer joins the child in fun, singing and creative dance. Numbers, shapes and colours are incorporated in dance and music ideas. Creative exploration of movement is taught to help balance, coordination, reflexes and develop strength and confidence in a fun and engaging way.

The class lasts 30 minutes. Suitable for approx. and 3 and half - 5 year olds and above

These classes build on the Nursery 1 group but students may be able to join at this level. Movement control and strength is developed with increased coordination skills and ability. There is huge physical, emotional and social development at this stage and great care and consideration is shown to each child. Classes take place without a family carer but family carers may stay, if the child needs reassurance. At this stage the carer may watch from a seated area, to allow their child to make more social engagement with other children. Music and movement classes are a particularly useful tool in developing a physically assured child and a great way to expend some of his/her boundless energy in a fun and productive manner.

The class lasts 45 minutes. Suitable for 5 year olds and above

Classes are now establishing greater development in physical movement and control. A more disciplined classroom etiquette is observed, guiding students to follow individual direction and focus to assist them in their understanding of dance and how their body works and can gain muscular control and strength. Classes are fun and creative but follow a prescribed progressive programme that is set by an external dance Awarding Organisation. This leads to an examination. Students only take examinations at the discretion of the Director and if it is the child's and his/her family's wish.

The class clasts 45 minutes. Suitable for 6 year olds and above

Building on the previous level, young dancers are expected to do more complex steps with transference of weight, balance, alignment and height of jump. Confidence in traveling movements is also encouraged. This course can lead to an examination. Students only take examinations at the discretion of the Director and if the child and family wish this. It is not a requirement for the previous examination to have been taken. After this level, taking progressive examinations is a helpful way to develop technique and artistry.


CodeCourseCost per session
N1Nursery 1£15
N2Nursery 2£15

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Note that if lessons have to go on Zoom due to lockdown, fees will remain at the same rate.

Bookings are taken for a term. Half a term's notice period is required in writing or full fees must be paid for the following term.


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TERM DATES 2020-2021
Subject to COVID-19 & Lockdowns

Autumn Term 2020
Mon 14 September - Sat 17 October
Half Term Mon 19 - Sat 24 October
Mon 26 September - Sat 5 December

Spring Term 2021
Mon 11 January - Sat 13 February
Half Term Mon 15 - Sat 20 February
Mon 22 February - Sat 27 March

Summer Term 2021
Mon 19 April - Sat 29 May
(Please note: including Mon 3 May)
Half Term Mon 31 May - Sat 5 June
Mon 7 June - Sat 3 July