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Ruby: Educational Programmes

A. Academic Education and Oxford Open Learning
The Director has had much success with students who seek an intensive dance training linked to academic tuition using private academic tutors to study approved National Curriculum GCSE subjects. Bespoke courses are offered for academic Year 9 to Year 11 students through private tutors and Oxford Open Learning to facilitate a combination of dance training and the educational courses required. To consider the practicality of this course requires parents/guardians to meet the Director and academic senior tutor to discuss the subjects needed and the logistics of how to prepare vocationally committed students to ensure that they are receiving sufficient dance training and education to prevent their being disadvantaged by not going to a vocational dance boarding school. Contact the Director for a confidential discussion and assessment of your child's vocational capabilities. Acceptance on the vocational programme is gained through successful audition and interview.

B. Dance Teaching Qualifications
These are for adults, who have a minimum of an Ofqual accredited dance qualification at Intermediate level and Grade C or above at Level 2, GSCE English Language and Maths. Participants learn the practical, theoretical and legal requirements to teach dance, studying for the qualifications of the Imperial Society of Teachers' of Dancing. Private programmes and courses are available for adults who wish to consider studying for these teaching qualifications.

C. Nutritional Programmes
Understanding the importance of good nutrition is vital to develop and maintain the strength and stamina that a professional dancer requires. If students have an interest in this please enquire, as courses are run periodically.

D. Trinity Arts Awards for students aged from 7 to 25 years
These national qualifications are managed by Trinity, London in association with Arts Council England to help students to grow as artists and arts leaders. The courses, train, educate and inspire. The Awards embellish the development of dancers, by giving them contextual information that can immediately increase their understanding of their dance genres and help them explore the Arts, culture and the media. The Awards aim to build confidence, encourage creativity and assist youngsters develop their communication skills in reading, writing, art work, ICT and presentation. The higher qualifications also develop leadership skills.

The courses progress through to the Gold Award in a manner similar to the Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme, building on previous skills sets. They carry credit points on Ofqual's Qualifications and Credit Framework and the Silver and Gold Awards have useful credit points towards UCAS university applications scores. For further information contact the Dance Gems Office.


CodeCourseCost per session
Ac/EdAcademic Education/TuitionBy Arrangement
NutNutritional Advice/ProgrammeBy Arrangement
TAW DTrinity Arts Award DiscoveryBy Arrangement
TAW ETrinity Arts Award ExploreBy Arrangement
TAW BTrinity Arts Award BronzeBy Arrangement
TAW STrinity Arts Award SilverBy Arrangement
TAW GTrinity Arts Award GoldBy Arrangement
TQsTeaching QualificationsBy Arrangement

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Note that if lessons have to go on Zoom due to lockdown, fees will remain at the same rate.

Bookings are taken for a term. Half a term's notice period is required in writing or full fees must be paid for the following term.


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TERM DATES 2020-2021
Subject to COVID-19 & Lockdowns

Autumn Term 2020
Mon 14 September - Sat 17 October
Half Term Mon 19 - Sat 24 October
Mon 26 September - Sat 5 December

Spring Term 2021
Mon 11 January - Sat 13 February
Half Term Mon 15 - Sat 20 February
Mon 22 February - Sat 27 March

Summer Term 2021
Mon 19 April - Sat 29 May
(Please note: including Mon 3 May)
Half Term Mon 31 May - Sat 5 June
Mon 7 June - Sat 3 July