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Information for Parents, Carers and Students

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How To Find Us

Dance Gems operates in a number of different locations and also hire a variety of studios. The list on the right shows these, along with links to maps (click on the postcode).

Uniforms and What to Wear

Dance gems uses Dancing Boutique as its uniform supplier. Place your order at: or by calling 01892 529 720

If parents are unable to have purchases delivered to their home they may have them delivered to the Dance Gems Office and will be brought to the next studio class.

If Dance Gems students are entered for external competitions and exams administered by Ofqual accredited Dance Examination Boards there will be the added expense of complying with the Board's dress code requirements. However, students may use exam-wear thereafter if they attend any Dance Gems recreational or holiday course or masterclass.

Parents asked to pay for costumes bought for their child's performance in Dance Gems events retain the ownership of the costumes.

Costume-hiring fees may be charged to parent's account to cover administrative and laundry charges.

What to wear:

For Contemporary : All-in-one unitard in navy blue with quarter sleeve
For Jazz/Musical Theatre: Your grade group leotard plus New Yorker shoes in natural tan/ Black Tap shoes
Dance Gems Sweat-shirt (Optional)
Black Leg warmers (Optional)
Additionally from Grade 3 upwards: Notebook, Pen and A4 Ring binder file for notes


For Contemporary: All-in-one unitard in navy blue with half sleeve
For Jazz/Musical Theatre: Your grade group leotard plus New Yorker shoes in natural tan/ Black Tap shoes
Dance Gems Sweat-shirt (Optional)
Black Leg warmers (Optional)
Additionally from Grade 3 upwards: Notebook, Pen and A4 Ring binder file for notes

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my child come to dance at Dance Gems?
Since the 1980s the Director has been running successful dance programmes in schools for all ages and abilities, enhancing students' capabilities in dance. Whether it is the very begin of learning how to pointing toes to proficient professional dancers Dance Gems teachers are welcoming, highly qualified and nurturing.

My child has never danced, what level is correct for them to start at?
The Director will gauge the level of your child and suggest a suitable class based on his/her previous experience. S/he will be invited to attend a class where the teacher will assess their abilities and speak directly to you about their suitability for that class based on the child's physical, social and emotional capability. If a child is not happy in a group this too can be discussed.

I am an adult wanting to dance. I have had some experience years ago - is there a class for me?
Yes - Dance Gems offers classes for adults who are beginners to those with vocational and professional training.

How do I book a class?
Contact us by email, phone or writing and we shall contact you to arrange a trial class.

Is there a uniform?
Yes, children have uniforms, adults or professional students do not - unless they are performing for us in a presentation or need a costume for a performance. Our uniforms are supplied by Dancing Boutique. There is a link to arrange the supply of uniform items including shoes. However, before ordering uniform it is best to know which class is most suitable. See below for more information on uniforms and what to wear.

I want to book some private classes is this possible?
Yes, this is possible, please contact the office to discuss your needs.

When are examinations taken and are they mandatory?
Generally examinations for youngsters are taken in the summer and occasionally in the spring term. Examinations are your choice. Students are not forced to take exams but, should they wish to, it is a good way to monitor progress. With the higher level examinations students can gain UCAS points towards university entry, as the examinations are tied to Examination Awarding Bodies that are regulated by Ofqual.

I am interested in the seated dance classes as I have recently had an operation and wish to regain more mobility - can I participate?
Yes - most happily, if your doctors confirm that you are fit to participate in movement and music classes we can help you. Please contact us for further information.

I want to do a holiday course - what do you offer?
Easter and Summer holiday courses are offered for students. Watch the 'About' section of our website for the latest opportunities.

I am interested in doing a Masterclass or learning some Repertoire. May I come just for that?
Of course you may. We encourage all. If you are keen to come just for some small part or an extra pointe class, course or masterclass with a guest teacher. If you are registered with another teacher or organisation you should seek their permission before coming. The Director works with many dance schools in the UK who allow their students to participate with Dance Gems.

I am really confused about Examination Boards, what do they all mean?
Many dance schools work 'unregulated' and without following a set syllabus or code of practice. Sometimes teachers are not quality checked through teaching examination qualifications. It is always advisable to ensure that whoever you study with is qualified through a training provider that has assessed their work and qualified them as competent to teach and cleared to work with children through Safeguarding procedures. This also ensures that the teacher, (if s/he holds membership) has up-to-date knowledge and is committed to their professional development. In dance they are some examination boards that are validated through CDET (Council for Dance Education and Training) and through Ofqual - this means that they are more likely to train appropriately, aiming for progressive development and safely. For students (at the higher end of the examination structure) examination qualifications carry UCAS points and a credit scheme point scale which can be used for university and overseas work permit/immigration issues.

Royal Academy of Dance, Imperial Society of Dancing, National Association of Teachers' of Dancing, Trinity College- London are just some of those who follow regulated schemes and annual checks for compliance in the UK. Dance Gems is also associated with Dance Arts International, based in Milan, Italy.

May I learn pointe work?
If you are assessed as suitable for that class - of course. It is essential that the teacher checks you for suitability for each class. Pointe work is a skilled activity, so it is essential that you also follow a strong training programme in the school to build sufficient strength. It is also important that your feet, legs and body are strong enough and capable to dance on pointe. If they are - you are most welcome to participate in pointe classes. Often at higher level grades pointe work is incorporated in some of the syllabus work too.


Fees are listed on the COURSES page. Click through to the section you are interested in and scroll down to see the fees for the listed courses and classes.

Please refer to our financial terms: Financial Details and Payment Information


Our Courses are held at:

St Mark's Church Hall
Compton Road
SW19 3AR

Holy Trinity Church Hall
234 The Broadway
SW19 1SB

Rotherfield Memorial Hall
North Street

Our offices are at:

The Coach House
103A Hartfield Road
SW19 3TJ